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Reasons to have a
New Home Construction Inspection:
New homes come with a warranty from your builder and are
required to have one or more code inspections.  
Please consider the following points:
1.Home construction is not an exact science.  Unlike an automobile, a stick
built home is not assembled in a closed factory with much of the work being done
by precise machines and a stable workforce, all subject to quality control
standards. On site home construction is subject to a number of variables many if
not all of which are unpredictable:
  • Many homebuilders have a strong background in the construction industry,
    while others are very good managers but have limited knowledge of
    construction.  Most probably fall under both categories.  What many do not
    realize is that defects can occur during the building phase that are
    overlooked or forgotten and go unreported by subcontractors or their crews.
  • Weather conditions.  Storms, excessive rain or cold weather may delay
    schedules resulting in miscommunication and/or potentially adversely effect
    home construction materials
  • Absent employees may require other employees to rush certain tasks or
    perform certain duties they are not familiar with resulting in sub-par results.
  • Subcontractor(s).  Your builder may need to hire an unknown subcontractor
    (s) to maintain the construction timeline.  The builder may be unaware or
    unable to monitor the subcontractor(s) thus increasing the potential for sub-
    par quality.

2. A code inspection is typically three 10-20 minute inspections:
  • The code inspections look briefly at footings (sometimes foundation walls),
    structure and mechanicals and finished walls and carpet.
  • The code inspections do not cover all aspects of a home such as window
    operation, water flow, insulation or exterior maintenance items to name a

3. Not all home defects manifest into problems that are apparent to the
homeowner  until after the warranty period expires.
 Many of these problems
are easy to fix when the house is new, but are more expensive and disruptive to repair
after years of continued deterioration. We can provide an inspection before the drywall
is installed and /or as part of your walk through prior to your lender releasing the final
payment to your builder.  If you do not have an inspection as part of your walk through,
we recommend that all new construction be inspected BEFORE the warranty expires.  

4. Professional Home Inspection Company is the oldest and largest
home inspection company in the area.
We can provide an independent
inspection of your home.  We are a member of the American Society of Home
Inspectors.  We are bound by the ASHI code of ethics which requires that we have no
financial interest in the sale, purchase or repair of any subject property.  We are fully
licensed and insured.  Our inspections last 3-4 hours and are very thorough.   

5. Our service does not end with the inspection.  We provide a follow up
service. After your paid inspection occurs, we can email or snail mail you self help
documents to assist you in all those projects you have planned – the sun room addition,
finishing the basement, completing a stubbed in bathroom, etc.,  at no additional cost.
We look forward to working with you and fulfilling our mission statement:

“To help people make informed real estate decisions.”
Our Mission Statement:
To Help People Make Informed Real Estate Decisions