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Thank you notes
1st Time Home Buyer Testimonials
Sharon J (La Crescent, MN)
"Best money I ever spent"
"I learned so much from him"
"Worth every penny"
“Wish I could put the inspector in my back pocket and pull him out when I have a question”
I will be referring PHI to everyone who might need a home inspection

TB (La Crosse,WI)
Thank you. You cannot believe how much I learned from the whole process.  By the way...
We found out they had an underground storage tank that needs to be dug up. So much
for disclosure… Will highly recommend you!

Erin K (La Crosse,WI)
I am very big on choosing and promoting companies who do well with customer service.  
Not providing attentive and personalized service is the best way to get me to switch
providers, from my wait staff at a restaurant to something as labor intensive as what your
company provides.  I have immense respect for someone who runs their business with
integrity and mindfulness in these areas because there are so many out there who don't.  
Thanks much for your services and keep doing what you're doing! Thank you, your
company has been above and beyond what we expected in every aspect.  We plan to
contact you whenever we are in need of these types of services and recommending you
to our friends in town.

Sarah H (Caledonia,MN)
I first want to thank you so much for all your help and dedication to your beliefs and
customers, going above and beyond what anyone would have done!  My husband and I
have nothing but good things to say about your company and you will be the only one we
recommend in the future. Once again I cannot thank you enough on all that you've done
for us. Being first time home-buyers we are not familiar with everything and we were
probably easy targets to "trick" into different things, however despite the stress it has
opened our eyes. Thanks again.

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Seller Inspection Testimonials
Sue A (La Crosse, WI)
PHI gave me confidence. The inspection was comprehensive and thorough. The inspection
defined areas in need of repair. There were no surprises. Another asset with this company
is their exceptional availability for consultation and overall education after the inspection.
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Competition Comparison Testimonials
Brent P (Onalaska, WI)
This is our second home. It is the 1st time that I have walked through with the inspector for
the entire inspection. I am new to the area, and asked around a lot for recommendations. A
new friend highly recommended your company. I did call around -- called about 4-5
different home inspection companies. I went with PHI due to the recommendation and the
excellent service. None of the other firms had a secretary -- it's just nice to talk to a person
rather than waiting for a call back. The inspector did an excellent job overall. I followed him
around for about 95% of the inspection. The inspector makes you feel comfortable to do
just that as well as explaining what he was inspecting plus any concerns that he had. He
was very thorough and answered all my questions and was also good about saying when
something was beyond his expertise (questions I asked about spa and chimney). I would
highly recommend PHI to others.   

Ryan B (La Crosse, WI)
I just wanted to write and let you know how impressed we were with your company on our
home. The inspector was very thorough, very helpful in explaining everything he was
examining and made things simple when making recommendations on how to take care of
some of the smaller issues he found. He also uncovered a larger electrical issue that we
need the sellers to cover before finalizing the deal. I would definitely recommend PHI to
anyone else needing a home inspection. Thanks again!

Daniel L (La Crosse,WI)
I felt the inspector was very thorough and educated. He was there for our best interests.
Thank you for your professionalism!

Karen K (Holmen, WI)
I once made the mistake of letting my agent chose the home inspector, but I will never
again make that mistake and will continue to use PHI for future home purchases. PHI is the
best money I’ve ever spent.  I’ve felt this way even when the inspection does not turn up
major issues.  Your inspections are thorough and always provide us with a to-do list of
minor maintenance items that we can take care of before they become “big” issues.

Thomas T (La Crosse, WI)
The inspector did an excellent job. This is the third house we’ve bought and by far the most
thorough inspection done. He walked and talked me through the entire inspection process.
He was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks!

Deborah N (La Crosse, WI)
The PHI inspection was far more comprehensive than the two other companies I used
previously. The inspector was prompt, courteous, informative and extremely thorough. I
would not hesitate to contact PHI again, or refer them to someone else.

Twana and Bill M (Tomah, WI)
We personally would like to say that you did a thorough inspection that helped us to decide
on the purchase of our new home. We felt comfortable with that decision because of your
inspection!  You’re the best!

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New Home Buyer Testimonials
Sue A (La Crosse, WI)
I recently purchased a brand new never lived in home. The inspector alerted me to a
number of problems that the sale became contingent upon. The problems were not only
identified and explained, the necessary steps to correct the problems were also put in detail
anyone could understand. The inspector taught me about the home and its construction,
with the goal of maintaining its value today, tomorrow and for resale. Their consultation
availability after the inspection was exceptional.                   

Annette F (La Crosse, WI)  New Construction Inspection
The initial inspection showed that our deck was not properly connected to our home! A
builder error! PHI went the extra mile to answer questions and help with solutions.  We slept
better at night knowing the home was independently & honestly inspected.  We would
recommend anyone building a home get it inspected.  You can trust PHI.
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Experienced Home Buyer Testimonials
Joel G (Chaseburg, WI)
PHI did a great job. The inspector that did my inspection was personal and informative. It
seems that PHI has a great company and prides itself on customer satisfaction. I will use
you again in the future.

Michelle K (Onalaska, WI)
I have only purchased one other home years ago, and my ex-husband handled most of that
… so I consider myself a first time buyer this time around.  However, I had my parents and
my sisters with me … who are experienced home buyers and my father has been in the
heating and electrical trade for years and, they too, were impressed with the inspector. I
just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the quality inspection and to let you know
how much we enjoyed working with your company. What a great guy …intelligent,
personable and professional.  I will recommend you guys, very highly.  Thanks again.

Linda K (Winona ,MN)
I owned a home many years ago, and did not think at that time an inspection was
necessary, as I'd walked through the home with my realtor and was satisfied with what we
saw. (What a huge mistake and how very naive that was in hindsight.) Knowing what I know
now, a modest inspector's fee could have saved me many thousands of dollars and
considerable inconvenience and heartache over the ensuing years.

Marilyn & Tedd J (La Crosse,WI)
ThanksPHIfor the complete and detailed report!  We haven’t been involved in buying/selling
a home for over 41 years and this has been an experience. We felt very comfortable and at
ease with your inspection.  Obviously your expertise and knowledge is just what we needed
and we were amazed at your attention to detail.  Thank you for doing such a GREAT job for
us and explaining as you went along. Our sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well
done – don’t know that we’ll every buy or sell again in our lifetime but we would certainly
havePHIas our inspection company again and would highly recommend the company to any
one in need of this service! If something comes up that is confusing to us we will be sure to
call on you and your expertise!

Cheng M (Onalaska, WI)
Thank you so much for your time to show and explain things we need to pay attention on
9/5. You are the most knowledgeable person about house we ever met. We learned a lot
from you. It’s a wonderful experience. We believe we can comfortably call Onalaska our
new home because there are such nice people as you in that area. We’d like to
recommend you to everybody who needs a home inspection. We will call you when we need
help. Thanks again for all your help and your great work!!

Mike M (La Crosse, WI)
The inspector did an awesome inspection. I feel it is important to highlight a fine inspection
company and the good work they perform.

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Repeat Customer Testimonials
Jo-Ellen (La Crosse, WI)
PHI is who you want to inspect the home you are interested in buying. The inspectors are
very thorough and informative. Because of this, PHI discovered several flaws that led to us
canceling our purchase. I cannot thank them enough for saving us from buying a lemon!
Several years later, I made an offer on a house in the Madison area and immediately called
PHI to see if they would travel outside of the La Crosse area to inspect it. I trusted them so
much that I was willing to pay any and all of PHI's travel costs for the peace of mind that
comes from knowing PHI doesn't miss anything!

Julie E (Sparta, WI)
Thank you for your inspection.  It was great working with you again.  I feel the computerized
report with the pictures was very helpful.  I feel all my questions/concerns were answered
this time as well as last time.  Thanks again.  We will be sure to get those "issues" fixed as
soon as we move in.  Thanks for all the advice for the future expansion of the house also.

Randi S (Onalaska,WI)
We have used PHI twice, recently and 11 years ago.  The technology that they now use is
wonderful.  Having everything in electronic form is great.  The service we receive from the
inspector far exceeded our expectations; he was very thorough and knowledgeable.  He
went through the house in great depth, and not only pointed out flaws with the house, but
he also pointed out the positives and the possibilities for improving the home.  Even the
sales coordinator who scheduled our appointment was extremely friendly and helpful.  Not
only was PHI great for the walk through inspection, it is great knowing that they are
available as a resource in the future.  We would recommend PHI to anyone buying a new
home and even to current home owners looking for advice on improving their home's value.

Karl K (Kendall,WI)
Having used the services of PHI several years ago with very satisfied results, I immediately
sought out PHI for a recent home inspection.  The property in question is not easily
accessible and over an hour away from La Crosse. PHI charged me a competitive and fair
price, giving me exemplary service and pointing out issues that I had overlooked.  I
recommend anyone seeking a home inspection to look no further than PHI.

Josh M (Winona, MN)
This second inspection was very similar to the first, incredibly thorough pointing out things I
would have never noticed. I would absolutely recommend PHI to anyone I know buying a
home. Although they are more expensive than other inspection companies, the inspection
they do and the information they provide is almost invaluable.

Karen K (Holmen, WI)
This is the third time I’ve used PHI for home inspection purposes.  I once made the mistake
of letting my agent chose the home inspector, but I will never again make that mistake and
will continue to use PHI for future home purchases.  The fee I pay PHI is the best money I’ve
ever spent.

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