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Community Sponsorship
La Crosse Concert Band (concerts in the park since 1930)
The La Crosse Concert Band has been a proud symbol of the Seven Rivers
Region since 1917 bringing free, quality, multigenerational concert music to
La Crosse's beautiful riverfront, and in so doing, providing educational
opportunities both for the audience and for student and adult performers.
The La Crosse Area Youth Symphony Orchestra (2008-2012)
The La Crosse Area Youth Symphony Orchestras provide a unique opportunity for youth to develop and
showcase their artistry in the symphonic tradition and to enhance their lives and the cultural environment of the
communities we serve.
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Our Mission Statement:
To Help People Make Informed Real Estate Decisions
Holmen High School Yearbook
Coulee Region Humane Society
Coulee Region Humane Society actively promotes the humane
treatment of animals and positive human-animal relationships.
Current and past sponsorships include, but are
not limited to, the following: